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Image Result For Transfer Case Leaka

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Problems with your car s transfer case can arise due to a fluid leak. If you are experiencing a bitter smell coming from under the hood of your car, you may have a transfer case leak. Fluid leaks could be due to loose drain plug s .Your vehicle s transfer case may develop leaks, which if allowed to leak without repair may cause irreversible damage. In order to repair a leaking transfer case, .The transfer case does not have a fluid level indicator or dipstick. Any fluid leaks should be addressed immediately to prevent internal damage from low fluid. Seals such as the transfer case output shaft seal will normally sweat due to the output shaft rotation..A leaking transfer case could mean that you ve had a seal failure but it could also mean that there is an issue inside the transfer case itself. If a bearing goes bad inside a transfer case, it could cause it s output shaft to wobble and thus causing a leak at the oil seal..So the rear output shaft of my transfer case is leaking. No puddle on the ground, but the underside of the truck is shiny wet with fluid and the U .I don t know the laredo particularly, but on any car this isn t a particularly simple job. It requires special tools, and you may need to remove other .He told me not to worry, that it s just the transfer case seal. It will be replaced before I purchase the vehicle. He also said that the oil looked good .I just did a mechanical check from dealer, he told me the transfer case has a little leaking. I am new to cars, so I don t know how serious it is..Some customer may comment on a fluid leak from the transmission or transfer case area. Upon further diagnosis, the tech may find fluid leaking .

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