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Looking to transfer into the school of your dreams? It s important to realistically assess your chances of acceptance as transfer admission rates vary greatly .Transfer rates for Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, UPenn, Columbia, and the entire US News Top ..Alabama. University of Alabama. Transfer students applying ,. Students accepted ,. Transfer Acceptance Rate .So since there really isn t a thread with updated transfer acceptance rates, so I figured this could be useful for future transfers… The transfer admission hurdle is slightly more difficult. The acceptance rate for transfer students percent , according to NACAC, is slightly lower than the acceptance rate of first year students percent ..This is because the overall acceptance rate for transfer students is slightly lower than the acceptance rate of first year students according to data from the National Association for College Admission Counseling , and yet the cap on transfer student acceptances at colleges is much lower than regular admit .”With this in mind, we evaluate transfer students on an academic scale that takes that into consideration.” Acceptance rates can also differ quite a bit between freshman and transfer applicants. Stanford University, for example, accepts between and of transfer applicants, versus . of freshman applicants..

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