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For assistance or more information, please contact Straight Talk Customer Care at CELL . To use Straight Talk Service, you must first purchase and activate a Straight Talk phone or activate a phone that is compatible with Straight Talk Service..If you switch your home telephone number to Straight Talk, your home telephone service will be disconnected. Yes, you may change your Straight Talk phone number. You can contact us at CELL to change it. You can use our automated system or speak to a Customer Care Representative..Transfer Number. Services. Device Support. Caller ID. Text Messaging. Call Waiting. Roaming. Unable to Make or Receive Calls. Unable to Make Long Distance .Activate, Reactivate or transfer your cell phone service today at Straight Talk You can transfer an existing Straight Talk number to another Straight Talk phone..The transfer wizard app lets you easily move everything between Straight Talk iPhones and Android phones. It s free, doesn t require an account and doesn t .Activate Your Service. Once you ve got your plan in place, you re ready to activate. Here s how to get started Call us at ..You can transfer your number between two phones. All you need is an Account and your current phone needs to be active.StraightTalk Wireless To upgrade, .

In the event a Straight Talk phone is returned to Straight Talk for replacement or repair under warranty or returned for any other reason, Straight Talk is not liable nor responsible for any unauthorized use and or loss of voice mail, personal information, passwords, contacts, music, ringtones, pictures, videos, applications or other content on the Straight Talk phone..Transferring your current Straight Talk phone number and remaining service balance to a new phone or SIM isn’t difficult. Want to transfer your existing Straight Talk phone number and remaining service balance to a new Using Your Current SIM card You can move your .User may need to change the phone’s Access Point Name Settings. A month equals days. Straight Talk reserves the right to terminate your service for unauthorized or abnormal use..If your existing phone has a SIM card, you can remove it and put it in an unlocked phone of the same technology. Some straight talk phones are CDMA LTE and you would need to get a Verizon compatible phone..To transfer your phone number from a different company to Straight Talk press , To transfer your number during this call you will need your account number and your account password or pin from your current phone service..Loading All Rights Reserved..You can do it by going to straight talk website and logging on into your account or by calling customer service. If the phone is not new and was activated under another account you need to make .

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