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San Jose, CA site index. SJSU Students holding sign that says welcome transfer students.. Choose Your Major Carefully. You cannot change your major during the admission process. You must also enter an alternative major on your application to SJSU. Transfer students may not apply as undeclared.. All majors at SJSU are impacted for transfers, meaning that all applicants compete for space in the major, based on the applicant s cumulative GPA for all transferable courses completed at the time of application.** In addition, all domestic transfer applicants must have submitted a supplemental application to be . Transfer applicants must first meet the CSU eligibility requirements for admission. Learn about the courses and grades required for admission.. Graduating with an SJSU Degree. Transfer students should apply for graduation when they have completed semester units. For some students this can be as early as their first or second semester at SJSU. In general, a student will need to apply for graduation a year before they plan to graduate.. Thank you for submitting your application to SJSU! We encourage you to check your MySJSU account weekly for any deadlines, messages .Deadlines for admission and enrollment to San Jose State University..Thank you for visiting the San Jose State University Admissions website. Our admissions page has moved and now can be found at admissions . For transfer applicants, you are considered a “local” applicant if you will earn the majority of your transferable units at a college located in Santa . This is Transfer and Admissions Information for San Jose State University. Students can compare College and University transfer information .

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