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Requirements and rates related to the Realty Transfer Tax, which applies to the sale or transfer of real estate located in Philadelphia..The City of Philadelphia imposes a Realty Transfer Tax on the sale or transfer of real property located in Philadelphia. These documents .Please be aware that Philadelphia has increased its share of the transfer tax to be paid at closing from . to . effective ..The Philadelphia realty transfer tax is in addition to the Pennsylvania realty transfer tax of percent. Consequently, a sale of property in Philadelphia will now be subject to a total realty transfer tax rate of .percent. The realty transfer tax applies to the transfer of ownership of real property..Council voted to raise it to $,. The members also voted to increase the real estate transfer tax to a total of . percent that amount would include the state s percent levy on all property sold in the city..For some time there have been rumors of an expected increase in the property transfer tax in the city of Philadelphia..AN ORDINANCE. Amending Chapter of The Philadelphia Code, entitled “Realty Transfer Tax,” to increase the rate of realty transfer tax .

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