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Transfer Course Equivalency. This site has course equivalencies for most colleges and universities in Missouri as well as select out of state institutions. Generally, any credit earned at a regionally accredited college will transfer to Mizzou if your coursework is geared toward a baccalaureate degree..Guest Access. Browse Course Catalog Schedule of Classes Transfer Course Equivalency Information. Help Links. myZou Supported Browsers About myZou.Credits and Transfers. After students are admitted to the University of Missouri MU , an admissions evaluator will evaluate whether any college credit earned elsewhere is transferable to MU. All courses transferring from community colleges will transfer as lower division credit..This website provides transfer equivalency information between the University of Missouri Columbia and selected institutions. There are two options to choose .Mizzou accepts the following types of course credit from international students To learn more about the process of your credits transferring to Mizzou, visit our .Although a course may appear on the page, there is no guarantee that the course will transfer, as listed, in your individual case. You must submit official .A student may earn credits at another law school to be applied toward the J.D. M. Requirements for Non Law Courses Transfer Credit..Students Transfer Equivalency Report is available in their Student Center in their myZou account. The School of Journalism accepts transfer credit according to .

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