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Transferring utilities into your name when you move isn t complicated. if you re activating service some providers require a deposit and or a transfer fee. and other descriptions are intended for informational purposes only and do not in any .If you are moving your home, you cannot substitute your name for that of If you let someone else live at the property and they rack up big bills, you ll However, in some locales, if the utility bill is in a tenant s name and the . then when I got my new tenant in I asked him to call and switch utlities into his name ComEd keeps telling me I can switch utilities into someone else s name .Method . Transferring an Existing Utility. Put the utility in your name as soon as you can. Contact your utility provider and request a bill transfer. Provide any requested personal documents. Make a deposit payment if required. Schedule a utility transfer date if necessary..If the person is living at the residence or somehow connected with the rental, then it isn t illegal to have a utility in someone else s name .No, they are unlikely to transfer services if you have any past due amounts. If you have always paid your bills on time, this shouldn t be a .Unless you are moving into a home where someone else is paying your water, electric or gas bill, for example, an apartment where “utilities are included” , you pay a deposit because previous utility services were in your spouse s name but .

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