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If you re adding a PS Pro or another PS to your gaming set up and want to easily transfer all your games, data and settings, we ve got .The PlayStation Pro debuts tomorrow, and although Sony may have a tough time selling the console to people who already own a PS, that .Full step by step instructions for transferring content to your new PS Pro console..One item on many Christmas wish lists is a new Playstation Pro. If this is your first Playstation , setup is simple and after spending some time .The PlayStation Pro is officially available now and, if you ve picked one up already, you re probably wondering how to transfer your data from .If you re switching from an older PlayStation to the new PlayStation Pro, the process for transferring your data is a very simple ordeal..You can transfer data saved on your current PS system storage to a new PS system. Trophy information that is not synced with PlayStationNetwork .I am still at work with my pro. can anyone tell me the time it took using the lan cable to transfer from the to the pro?.

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