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If embryos are not used during an initial in vitro fertilization cycle, they can be frozen for later use. When the couple goes through another IVF cycle, the preserved embryos can be thawed and transferred to the uterus. The timeline for a frozen embryo transfer differs from a full IVF cycle..Frozen embryo transfer, FET, protocol and sample calendar. Shows timing of medications, office visits for monitoring uterine lining and embryo transfer..During FET frozen embryo transfer , cryopreserved embryos from a previous IVF cycle will be thawed, and will be transferred into your uterus. You will probably find preparing for an FET less stressful than your IVF cycle..Understand what to expect, success rates, and the differences between a fresh and frozen embryo transfer FET cycle..One of the benefits of having a Frozen Embryo Transfer FET an embryo adoption is that no egg retrieval is required because the embryos are already in existence. Couples participating in FETs can skip right to preparing the woman s body for pregnancy by building up the lining of her uterus..The transfer of frozen thawed embryos from your previous IVF cycle gives you another opportunity A frozen embryo transfer cycle can be conducted any time..For those of you doing IVF, what is the timeline for a Frozen Embryo Transfer? I did my egg retrieval last sunday and due to my high estrogen .This fact sheet explains what is involved in the Frozen Embryo Transfer process if you have frozen embryos from earlier IVF cycles..Quick question my retrieval is scheduled for Sept . We are doing PGD, unfortunately the lab isn t local, so a fresh transfer isn t an option..

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