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Image Result For Duke Transfer Acceptance Rate

Image Result For Duke Transfer Acceptance Rate

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For more information, please visit the transfer admissions website. A Transfer admission to Duke is highly selective, with the admission rate ranging from to over the past five years . The most successful applicants will have a minimum college GPA of . in a challenging academic program..Duke has a very high retention rate so not many spots open for history says the odds are actually worse for transfers than first year admission..Transfer rates for Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, UPenn, Columbia, and the entire US News Top . ., Duke University, . , , ..Duke administrators are seeking to increase visibility of the transfer Once the transfer students are notified of their acceptance, members of .Transfer to Duke, Duke Transfers, Duke Transfer Applicants Thinking of transferring to Duke and hoping to optimize your case for admission .The increase in applications is not the only reason why more transfers are pouring into the school though Duke has made a conscious decision to accept more transfer students in recent years. For example, In , they accepted . of transfer applicants and in , they accepted of applicants..This is Transfer and Admissions Information for Duke University. Students can compare College and University transfer information before Essay and short answer questions will be required for admission consideration..

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