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The TCEL Transfer Course Equivalency List is a database containing the Clemson University course equivalencies for approximately accredited colleges .Once You re Accepted Viewing Transfer Credits. Accepted students with transferring credits from another institution, AP IB credit and dual enrollment credit will be able to view transfer credits through the iROAR Web portal. In order to access the transfer credit summary, you will need your Clemson XID and password..Course Equivalency Lookup. Choose your nation Select, Afghanistan, Albania Transfer Course, Clemson Equivalent Course, Clemson Equivalent Course Title..In order to receive transfer credit, you must complete and return the credit evaluation forms by the deadline listed in your acceptance letter. IF YOUR EVALUATIONS ARE NOT COMPLETED BY THE SPECIFIED DATE You will not have any transfer credits on your Clemson academic record..Approval process and form for coursework taken at another institution to transfer as credit to Clemson University..NOTE You may not receive transfer credit for an equivalent Clemson University course to which Academic Forgiveness has been or will be applied. Student .Transfer Credit. Courses at other institutions that are described as Science, Technology, and Society courses will generally be eligible for STS credit at Clemson..CLEMSON TRANSFER CREDIT CLASSIFICATIONS. FREQUENTLY. ASKED. QUESTIONS. Clemson Course. Equivalent. Elective Course. level Clemson..As a nationally ranked research university, Clemson welcomes students with AP, IB and transfer credit. The. University recognizes the academic value to earning..AP Credit. Clemson University accepts Advance Placement scores of or above for most but not all courses. AP credit will translate into transfer credit on a .

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