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ACCOUNT SERVICE FEES CHEQUE CHARGES Citibank Account Service Fee S $ per month^^ Account Closure Fee S$ within months from date of opening ^^The monthly minimum Total Relationship Balance TRB as defined below to be maintained by a customer is S$,..Our SWIFT Funds Transfer service is suitable if you want to make a global money transfer to a country that is not part of our Citibank Global Transfers service, as .Limits apply to all domestic and overseas fund transfers, but do not apply when you are transferring between your own Citibank accounts. A separate A$, limit applies to transfers from your Citibank Online Saver to a Nominated Linked Account that is not one of your own Citibank Accounts..FAQs regarding Citi’s international banking online services. Discover what Citi international online bank can offer you and your investment..All the information you need to manage a Citibank Credit Card, including activating your card, registering for online banking and managing your Credit Card account..DESKRIPSI DESCRIPTION CITIBANKING CITI PRIORITY CITIGOLD i . Untuk Nasabah Citibank For Citibank Customer a. Dalam mata uang Rupiah In Rupiah currency Rp., Rp., Rp., b. Dalam mata uang lainnya In other currencies , atau or min. Rp., maks. Rp , ii . Untuk Nasabah non Citibank hanya untuk Citibank bank draft For Non Citibank Customer only for Citibank .Citi has a variety of cards to suit different needs, including balance transfer credit cards, rewards and frequent flyer cards, platinum options and no annual fee and low purchase rate cards..GLOBAL KLEPTOCRACY Self serving leaders throughout the world increasingly assume power with the goal of becoming rich at the expense of the majority of their population, and of the commonweal..Citi Prestige is your passport to a world of unforgettable experiences, offering unique benefits and premium personalised service..SWIFT. The swift system enables banks to securely send messages to each to other and implement transfer instructions. So SWIFT is an integrated component of any wire transfer operation enabling banks to effectively communicate..

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