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Brown admits transfers in two cohorts One group will enroll at Brown in the following fall semester, and another group will enter in the following spring semester. Although there are two possible semesters of entry, there is only one transfer admission process per year, with a deadline of March st..First and foremost the Office of College Admission seeks to admit candidates who will To this end the most important pieces of a transfer application include ..Eligibility Requirements for Transfer Applicants. Applicants who submit transfer applications to Brown in the spring of will only be eligible to apply if they .Application Checklist for Transfer Applicants. Application fee of $ or a fee waiver Common Application Transfer Application Questions specific to Brown, .Who is eligible to apply as a transfer applicant and how many semesters must I be enrolled at Will the courses I take at my current college transfer to Brown?.Application deadline for transfer applicants. Your Transfer Common Application and Brown Supplement must be submitted online by p.m .Generally speaking, most liberal arts courses taken at other colleges and universities are transferable to Brown. More specifically, Brown will transfer credit for .Thought I d start this thread since application season is beginning. Feel free to discuss about transferring here! It also might be helpful to .This is Transfer and Admissions Information for Brown University. Students can compare College and University transfer information before .Make note of the transfer specific details. As an example, let s look at Brown University through the lens of a transfer applicant. You have your .

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