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Transfer your balance from another credit card** or store card*** to your Credit Card at a low rate of , for the first months*..The Amex EveryDay Credit Card from American Express is the best American Express balance transfer credit card because it has intro APRs of for months on balance transfers and new purchases, a balance transfer fee of $ for the first days, and a $ annual fee. It even offers rewards but on purchases, not transfers..A balance transfer is when you move an existing Credit Card balance onto another Credit Card. If you have a high interest Credit Card balance you’d like to pay off, a balance transfer to another Credit Card with a lower interest rate can help you keep on top of your payments..With Amex, the American Express balance transfer fee will usually be of the balance $ minimum you’re moving over. The clock is ticking on transfers . If you find an Amex card you like with a introductory APR offer, you can’t dawdle with the balance transfer..This includes the name of the institution and the amount to be transferred. For instance, if Sara owes $,. on a Capital One card, she needs to get her credit card number and the balance she wants to transfer, down to the penny. Next, consumers must apply for a credit card from American Express..That means you can’t transfer a balance from one American Express card to another American Express card. Be aware of the balance transfer fee. Most balance transfer cards charge a fee for any balances that you transfer. This fee is typically , but is often outweighed by the amount you save on interest during the intro period. .

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